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Floral Swirls are Orchid supports - Brass stakes that lend grace and support to - Orchids, Amaryllis and other indoor blooming plants.

We are two self-confessed orchid addicts— Paulette Skomsvold and Betsy Smith— and we are growing a business from our love of what is now the top-selling indoor plant in America. Orchids!

Garden Centers sold us orchids supported by bamboo sticks or plastic stakes attached with butterfly clips or twist ties like we get at the grocery store. In 1999 we threw away the plant sticks and designed Floral Swirls orchid supports. Each metal plant stake is individually handcrafted here in California.

The American Orchid Society, which cannot endorse products, nevertheless calls Floral Swirls “the best orchid stakes we’ve ever seen” and has offered them for sale in the AOS gift emporium. The AOS website is worth a visit to learn how to grow orchids, and how to care for orchids. Phalaenopsis Orchids, white orchids, pink orchids, purple orchids , yellow orchids, Lady Slipper orchids and more. Orchid care and orchid colors. They are excellent, long-lasting houseplants. And they are all there.

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Providing simple grace and support for blooming plants since 1999


Chosen by the American Orchid Society
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