Floral Swirls are Orchid supports - Brass stakes that lend grace and support to - Orchids, Amaryllis and other indoor blooming plants.

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Registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Chosen by the American Orchid Society

Did you ever have one of those
“I shoulda thoughta that!” moments?

That’s what orchid lovers say when they first see Floral Swirls.
Floral Swirls lend grace and strong support to blooming plants.
Orchids need them. Amaryllis need them.
Women love to have them.
Floral Swirls are individually handcrafted from gold tone brass rods and silver tone aluminum rods. Our orchid supports are topped with a variety of 11 designer beads to complement the striking beauty of the flowers.
Women say its “jewelry for orchids.”

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